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Happy Sunday!

I find it very difficult to find things to write to go along with my illustrations. Not because I have nothing to say , but because my thought is always:  I’d rather let the illustrations make you feel something not the random tangent I’m sure to go on. In all likely hood I will soon change the site layout to be more of a visual experience that you can better enjoy my illustrations as well as the videos, photos, and songs I find inspiring and would like to share. End thought…how do I transition out of this? Play me off Bill! ::: tips hat, dances off stage with cane :::

*update: I have changed the layout & I must say I think it’s quite the look.

Happy New Year of the Snake

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Year of the Snake

Happy New Year! So grateful for all the wonderful things that came my way in 2012, including You, the wonderful people who have made this year extra special for me. Thank you for your support & I look forward to another great year with you all. Here’s to a year full of success, good health, love & happiness (also pie). Welcome  2013!


Red Hot Riding Hood

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Wanted to share this classic Tex Avery Cartoon. I’m sure most of you have seen it but for those who haven’t Red Hot Riding Hood is a play on the timeless Little Red Riding Hood tale, the cartoon in it’s entirety even starts as a traditional retelling with all the characters breaking the fourth wall, complaining to the narrator to give the tale a fresher take. Can we agree that what they cooked up is just plain kick ass and awesome?! I mean Red is a super mix of Hollywood’s heavy hitter babes of that era, the wolf is hysterical, and Grandmother is clearly my role model.  RHRH is definitely in my short list of what influences me and my drawing style and I am still inspired every time I watch it.


*Wish I could embed my other Avery favorite, Red as Cinderella but since I can’t feel free to clicky click to take a gander.