Courtney XO at Home

Courtney XO at Home, Instagram

Remember that commission I did for my friend Morgan a few months back? She was kind enough to ┬ásend me a couple of pictures of the piece in it’s new home. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to see something I made apart of someone’s world!

photo (8)

photo (7)

Want to share where your own Courtney XO piece is hanging? Send me an email, hashtag #CourtneyXO or tag @cwheels on instagram!

Oh Hello Monday

From the Sketch Book, Illustrations

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was spent falling asleep in a sunbeam, drinking sangria, and attending street fairs. My weekend included none of this as I was working on a great project (details to come asap!), but I will live vicariously through you all and say that it totally did include all of those glorious activities. Now onward march! Here’s to a productive (and stylish) work week.