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Big hair and bold gold, I feel like she is very Leo season appropriate, no?


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Solange: come sit next to me you fine fellow

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A Favorite Look:



A Favorite Song

(Okay TWO favorite songs)

Mane Event

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Happy Sunday!

I find it very difficult to find things to write to go along with my illustrations. Not because I have nothing to say , but because my thought is always:  I’d rather let the illustrations make you feel something not the random tangent I’m sure to go on. In all likely hood I will soon change the site layout to be more of a visual experience that you can better enjoy my illustrations as well as the videos, photos, and songs I find inspiring and would like to share. End thought…how do I transition out of this? Play me off Bill! ::: tips hat, dances off stage with cane :::

*update: I have changed the layout & I must say I think it’s quite the look.

purple haze

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Purple Haze XO CourtneyxMason CourtneyxMason3

Just a girl, her lovely afro, & some beautiful abstracts by a toddler & his aunt. All three were created during a little “art class” session with my 3 year old nephew. Meaning he barged in while I was working on my girl and demanded his own brush. We just painted up a storm mixing and blending colors on top of each others. I really had a blast and thought I’d share the finished product with you all. Forget established artist collaborations, grab a small child* and break out the paint! Thinking I shall hang these as a triptych. Get your own Purple Haze girl over at the shop.

Morning, Tiger


An ode to those instagram girls who post pictures when they’ve “just” woken up with perfect hair & the cutest “i just fell asleep this adorable” outfit on. I hate you. I wake up with one side of my hair flat and my night shirt wrinkled and ridiculously oversized… just kidding I wake up this amazing too*

*I don’t

Have You Heard

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