Draw me a bath


Instead of slaving away in front of computers trying to make deadlines, imagine for just a minute being in a claw foot tub, with bubbles that smell like your favorite perfume, is just the right temperature & your favorite song is playing*.  Got it pictured? Good. Keep that feeling with you today instead of the frantic, how am I going to finish this all today feeling you had before (shoot, shouldn’t have brought it up then huh? don’t worry you’ll finish!) Don’t mind me, I had a fantastic yoga session yesterday & I’m trying to carry all those good vibes with me.

* I would say curl up with a good book, but I’m not sure if your Kindle is waterproof and wouldn’t want you to get electrocuted. I care.


From the Sketch Book, Illustrations, What I'm Working On

It seems as I was busy working hard on other aspects of my career, I’ve let my connection to you all and this blog get away from me a little. Sure it’s only been two weeks (which is like 6 months in internet time) but I don’t want those who visit to feel they might have to wait eons for another post! So here am I reconnecting with you all once again. Get ready for some exciting new projects, posts, and illustrations!

Throw Back Thursday

Illustrations, Throw Back Thursday

I decided I’d participate in the popular #tbt trend. Today’s post isn’t really that old but I haven’t shared her yet and I figured today would be a perfect day to.  I might make this a regular feature, so maybe you’ll see some of my childhood artwork as we go further along (which is obviously some of my best work) 🙂

Sneaker Pin Up


I know everyone is loving sneakers with hidden heels a la Isabel Marant & Marc Jacobs, but today I thought I’d keep it classic with a pair of Nike Dunks. The days of matching your Ecko Red to your belt and sneakers are over, thankfully, but I love the look of pairing your kicks with shredded shorts and a cool top. Think I’ll substitute my ever-present combat boots for a go at this look sometime soon.