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A Favorite Look:



A Favorite Song

(Okay TWO favorite songs)

Oldies But Goodies

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While you guys patiently wait for new material (and I promise you, it’s coming soon & you’ll love it!*) I thought I’d post some work I did earlier this year.

Two are illustrations of the ever chic Rebecca Minkoff & June Ambrose, while the other is of my amazing friend Diarrha N’Diaye, Editor & Chief of Hip Hop En Vogue . I know I don’t have to tell you twice that Rebecca Minkoff makes some of the coolest purses and jackets around, and June Ambrose is a force of nature as a “Rockmom” and celebrity stylist,  but take a clicky click on over to Diarrha’s Hip Hop En Vogue the go to site for Hip Hop, High End fashion, Art and the celebrities that merge the worlds together.

Remember it’s December the time of year for giving and receiving! If you haven’t ordered Courtney XO prints yet, head on over ASAP before your favorites are gone (much like 2012 is!)


*that’s what she said

Crew Love

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Okay confession: I love J Crew. I wish (not really) that I was a fashion elitist who cannot fathom why they now show at FW but I am the exact opposite. I adore Jenna Lyons. I cannot walk past a J Crew store without at least stopping to look at the window display. Their colors are my kryptonite. So bright. So saturated. I want to roll around in their cashmere. I look through the Style Guide like a kid looking through a Toys R Us catalog. Anything I ever buy from them I can wear a billion times into forever. And who doesn’t love something they can wear into forever?

Look: J. Crew Spring 2013

It’s Just Tee

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Excuse the horrible pun, but I needed a title and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Fashion Week is winding down here in New York and I’ve decided to dedicate the next couple of  posts to my favorite looks. today I’m going casual with the graphic tee looks seen at Rachel Antonoff, Mara Hoffman, and Phillip Lim.

1st image: Left: Rachel Antonoff Right: Mara Hoffman

2nd image: 3.1 Phillip Lim



Fall is just weeks away, that means it’s almost time to put away the cut offs (just kidding, pull out your tights.)  & buy your new favorite boots for fall.

though I’m sad to see Summer go, I’m going to enjoy picking out one or two new pairs of shoes to stomp around in all season long.

Boots: similar J.Crew