love to love you XO


Big hair and bold gold, I feel like she is very Leo season appropriate, no?


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@cwheels ya'll

Morning, Tiger


An ode to those instagram girls who post pictures when they’ve “just” woken up with perfect hair & the cutest “i just fell asleep this adorable” outfit on. I hate you. I wake up with one side of my hair flat and my night shirt wrinkled and ridiculously oversized… just kidding I wake up this amazing too*

*I don’t



Fall is just weeks away, that means it’s almost time to put away the cut offs (just kidding, pull out your tights.)  & buy your new favorite boots for fall.

though I’m sad to see Summer go, I’m going to enjoy picking out one or two new pairs of shoes to stomp around in all season long.

Boots: similar J.Crew 

Draw me a bath


Instead of slaving away in front of computers trying to make deadlines, imagine for just a minute being in a claw foot tub, with bubbles that smell like your favorite perfume, is just the right temperature & your favorite song is playing*.  Got it pictured? Good. Keep that feeling with you today instead of the frantic, how am I going to finish this all today feeling you had before (shoot, shouldn’t have brought it up then huh? don’t worry you’ll finish!) Don’t mind me, I had a fantastic yoga session yesterday & I’m trying to carry all those good vibes with me.

* I would say curl up with a good book, but I’m not sure if your Kindle is waterproof and wouldn’t want you to get electrocuted. I care.