Mane Event

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Happy Sunday!

I find it very difficult to find things to write to go along with my illustrations. Not because I have nothing to say , but because my thought is always:  I’d rather let the illustrations make you feel something not the random tangent I’m sure to go on. In all likely hood I will soon change the site layout to be more of a visual experience that you can better enjoy my illustrations as well as the videos, photos, and songs I find inspiring and would like to share. End thought…how do I transition out of this? Play me off Bill! ::: tips hat, dances off stage with cane :::

*update: I have changed the layout & I must say I think it’s quite the look.

Oldies But Goodies

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While you guys patiently wait for new material (and I promise you, it’s coming soon & you’ll love it!*) I thought I’d post some work I did earlier this year.

Two are illustrations of the ever chic Rebecca Minkoff & June Ambrose, while the other is of my amazing friend Diarrha N’Diaye, Editor & Chief of Hip Hop En Vogue . I know I don’t have to tell you twice that Rebecca Minkoff makes some of the coolest purses and jackets around, and June Ambrose is a force of nature as a “Rockmom” and celebrity stylist,  but take a clicky click on over to Diarrha’s Hip Hop En Vogue the go to site for Hip Hop, High End fashion, Art and the celebrities that merge the worlds together.

Remember it’s December the time of year for giving and receiving! If you haven’t ordered Courtney XO prints yet, head on over ASAP before your favorites are gone (much like 2012 is!)


*that’s what she said

Costumes: King’s River

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Long time no post (more on that later)! What’s new you ask (hopefully)? Well for starters here are some pictures from King’s River, the show I costumed designed for a month or so back. It was a truly wonderful experience getting to work with such amazing talent (my twin brother included) and I can’t wait for the next project the company has up it’s sleeve and hope they will let me be apart again! Here are some shots below*. 

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*I have to track down a photo of My favorite outfit for the character Jolene, when I find it I’ll post it ASAP, you’ll LOVE it!

* All photos by Brianna DiGioia