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So listen here:

I love a good Soft Cell cover. Actually I love a bad Soft Cell cover too. I May or May not have been really into both the Marilyn Manson version AND the Pussycat Dolls version of Tainted Love. Yeah I know. Anyway, Bilal has done one of the coolest covers of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love I’ve heard, do your ears a big favor and click below.

found through Sugar Hill Culture Club

Crew Love

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Okay confession: I love J Crew. I wish (not really) that I was a fashion elitist who cannot fathom why they now show at FW but I am the exact opposite. I adore Jenna Lyons. I cannot walk past a J Crew store without at least stopping to look at the window display. Their colors are my kryptonite. So bright. So saturated. I want to roll around in their cashmere. I look through the Style Guide like a kid looking through a Toys R Us catalog. Anything I ever buy from them I can wear a billion times into forever. And who doesn’t love something they can wear into forever?

Look: J. Crew Spring 2013