Solange: come sit next to me you fine fellow

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A Favorite Look:



A Favorite Song

(Okay TWO favorite songs)

purple haze

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Purple Haze XO CourtneyxMason CourtneyxMason3

Just a girl, her lovely afro, & some beautiful abstracts by a toddler & his aunt. All three were created during a little “art class” session with my 3 year old nephew. Meaning he barged in while I was working on my girl and demanded his own brush. We just painted up a storm mixing and blending colors on top of each others. I really had a blast and thought I’d share the finished product with you all. Forget established artist collaborations, grab a small child* and break out the paint! Thinking I shall hang these as a triptych. Get your own Purple Haze girl over at the shop.

Oldies But Goodies

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While you guys patiently wait for new material (and I promise you, it’s coming soon & you’ll love it!*) I thought I’d post some work I did earlier this year.

Two are illustrations of the ever chic Rebecca Minkoff & June Ambrose, while the other is of my amazing friend Diarrha N’Diaye, Editor & Chief of Hip Hop En Vogue . I know I don’t have to tell you twice that Rebecca Minkoff makes some of the coolest purses and jackets around, and June Ambrose is a force of nature as a “Rockmom” and celebrity stylist,  but take a clicky click on over to Diarrha’s Hip Hop En Vogue the go to site for Hip Hop, High End fashion, Art and the celebrities that merge the worlds together.

Remember it’s December the time of year for giving and receiving! If you haven’t ordered Courtney XO prints yet, head on over ASAP before your favorites are gone (much like 2012 is!)


*that’s what she said

Red Hot Riding Hood

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Wanted to share this classic Tex Avery Cartoon. I’m sure most of you have seen it but for those who haven’t Red Hot Riding Hood is a play on the timeless Little Red Riding Hood tale, the cartoon in it’s entirety even starts as a traditional retelling with all the characters breaking the fourth wall, complaining to the narrator to give the tale a fresher take. Can we agree that what they cooked up is just plain kick ass and awesome?! I mean Red is a super mix of Hollywood’s heavy hitter babes of that era, the wolf is hysterical, and Grandmother is clearly my role model.  RHRH is definitely in my short list of what influences me and my drawing style and I am still inspired every time I watch it.


*Wish I could embed my other Avery favorite, Red as Cinderella but since I can’t feel free to clicky click to take a gander.