The Fitted


Every other blue moon when I’m bored, I go through my old facebook pictures and check out the outfits I managed to find acceptable in my early college years, like cropped sweaters and yoga pants as a legitimate outfit. These articles of clothing have since turned into actual workout wear or have found their way to a deserving preteen*. But one style choice that I will never abandon is my fondess for the Yankees fitted cap. Not to be confused with a normal baseball cap with the curved brim that we wear when working out or feeling particularly preppy, nope I’m talking bout the crisp flat brim of a New Era Yankees fitted that Jay-Z made more famous than a Yankee can. It looks great on guys, and even better on girls. just look at the Upgrade You video for proof. So don’t be afraid to bust one out for brunch, a concert, or an actual baseball game if your job doesn’t allow such accessories. Just remember to take off the sticker.

*the only age group a cropped sweater is ever appropriate on

HatNew Era @ Lids Jacket: Margot Bowman Sneakers: Isabel Marant

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