Maybe I’ve watched Beach Blanket Bingo,Selena, and 90s music videos a few too many times but I’ve always admired a girl who can rock a bustier. It takes a lot of crunches and a lot of confidence and even then, man how hard is the crop top to pull off?! It all seems to come down to proportions.  Wear a crop top and the wrong bottoms and your care free summer in the city outfit turns into looking like you’re on your way to a wet t-shirt contest circa MTV Spring Break 98. Maybe I’ll set a goal to successfully pull a bustier off. Cropped tees are childs play, bustiers are for the real champions of summer!

….I’ll let you know how this goes.

I know, I reach for the stars.


*Dolce & Gabbana Bustier, Gryphon leather fringe skirt

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