The Met Ball: Beyonce


Apologies for those of you patiently waiting for a post this week. I’m promise it’s because I’ve been working very hard on some very cool projects you all will know about in due time!

Let’s talk about the annual Costume Institue Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Forget the Oscars, The Met Ball is my favorite event for red carpet watching. The reveal of which celeb shows up on the arm of which designer, the muses, the colors, the couture!  I’ll admit though I usually have little patience for pantsuits and cocktail dresses at the event as a personal preference , I really dug Carey Mulligan in her armored Prada. And there were definitely some very chic dresses ( Ginnifer Goodwin , notabley) but The Met Ball is all about drama to me and I’m a sucker for Riccardo Tisci so naturally I’ve chosen Beyonce’s absolutely stunning Givenchy gown as my favorite (close were China Chow and Nina Debrov ). Who were your favorites?

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