Big hair and bold gold, I feel like she is very Leo season appropriate, no?   oh hey, if you ever get curious about why the heck it takes me so long… Continue reading

Solange: come sit next to me you fine fellow

A Favorite Look: A Favorite Song (Okay TWO favorite songs)

Kiss Kiss


slowly but surely new paintings, prints, and posts will be arriving to Courtney XO this spring….see you all soon:-) xo

that’s the trick

Long Weekend

  Hope your weekend was as relaxed as mine. Have an awesome week! -xo

From the Sketch Book

  experimenting with a watercolor pen on her hair, an awkward but clever tool.Getting used to it.

Sharing is Caring

So listen here: I love a good Soft Cell cover. Actually I love a bad Soft Cell cover too. I May or May not have been really into both the Marilyn Manson version… Continue reading

Courtney XO at Home

Remember that commission I did for my friend Morgan a few months back? She was kind enough to  send me a couple of pictures of the piece in it’s new home. I can’t… Continue reading

Mane Event

Happy Sunday! I find it very difficult to find things to write to go along with my illustrations. Not because I have nothing to say , but because my thought is always:  I’d… Continue reading